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Mr. Jinx – Cat Training Videos and eBook

Everything you need to know about creating the perfect relationship with your cat. We cover everything you could encounter with your cat and show you how to tackle it. If you have a great relationship already see how much better it can become.

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What is covered?

Bringing a new kitten home

Learn what to do from the beginning to care for your new kitten.

Litter Box Training

Teach your cat how to use the litter box successfully.

The Scratching Post

If you want to keep your furniture safe, your cat should know how to use the scratching post.

Aggression during Playtime

Who doesn’t like to play with their cat? See how to react when they get carried away without the use of punishment!

Constant Attention Seeking

These tips show you what to do if your cat seeks for your attention constantly.

Excessive Meowing

You’re coming home and your cat keeps on meowing? We show you how to make it stop in an easy way.

Clicker Training a Cat

This training method can eradicate almost all of the issues you can ever encounter and is a lot of fun at the same time.

Train practical things

You can train practical things like the command ‘stop’, or ‘stay’ during food preparation, and to use new objects like a kitty house that you got for your cat.

Deflect bad behavior

Scratching the furniture, pushing things off the table, or climbing the curtains? You can make it all stop permanently.

Final Tips

A few final tips of what you should keep in mind and how you can continue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of treats are recommended?

The list of cat treats is nearly infinite. As a result we do not recommend one universal treat. The treat should depend on what your cat likes best, but we recommend to choose a low calorie version.

Importantly, you don’t have to use a snack per se. Some cats are already satisfied with a piece of dry food or a small piece of tuna. Remember though, that the treat itself is just a reward. Whatever your cat considers a reward can be used!

Is my cat too old for clicker training?

No! It is a common misconception that only young cats can learn new tricks and get used to certain behaviors. Clicker training can be used to train all cats at all ages.

If your cat is older and spends most of its times inside without engaging in plays and tricks, the lack of engagement is the main driving factor. As a result it might take a little longer to get your cat used to the new engagement and activities, but the Clicker training itself would still be working.

Does it work with any cat?

Yes, Clicker training works with any cat!

Clicker training is based on a basic method of learning which is equal for any cat breed. Nevertheless, cats might be different when it comes to temper and attention span. Such factors often depend on particular cat breeds. However, influencing factors decide about the the length of the training, but do not impact the learning process itself.

Where can I get a clicker?

You can purchase clickers from common pet stores or online stores. Clickers are generally not very expensive items.

How long does shipping take?

Mr. Jinx – Cat Training Video is an entirely digital product. This means that there is no actual shipping of a physical item.
This means:

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What do I get purchasing Mr. Jinx – Cat Training Videos?

You can download the eBook as many times as you want. It contains high quality illustrations and is available in the following formats: 
.epub (general eBook format supported by most eReaders)
.mobi (format supported by the Amazon Kindle)
PDF (format supported by many eReaders, Tablets, and Computers)

The video will be instantly accessible using any device (phone, table, computer). Go to the Video Access page to watch the videos as often as you want.

What is the content?

Mr. Jinx – Cat Training covers in total 10 chapters.
The chapters reach from ‘Getting a kitten’ all the way to ‘clicker training’ and how to use it. The initial part is interesting for new cat owners that need guidance. The other content is interesting for everyone, especially experienced cat owners. This makes Mr. Jinx – Cat Training having the most complete content compared to other cat books out there. You can see the content in the upper part of this page.

Customer Reviews


I watched all of the videos and they were well made and informative (and the cat was adorable!) The information in the first few videos was pretty basic, but I can see how it would be useful for a new cat owner. The last four videos (7-10) were VERY interesting. I’d heard about clicker-training cats but this was the first time I saw it in action, and my response was: “Cool!”


The first time I heard about clicker training I was super curious. My cat Mex is now 5 years old and very afraid of all sorts of sounds and other people. He was hiding under the closet whenever it became too stressful for him. He was also never a big fan of the vet. He was usually very scared so he hissed or scratched out of stress. At home he also used our chairs rather than the scratching post.

The videos from Mr. Jinx are great and easy to follow. I practiced with Mex the clicker training and noticed quick results. Shortly after starting with the clicker training we had a birthday party and Mex decided to be part of it and lied down next to us. This was incredibly surprising for us but also for our guests, who never saw him around when the came to visit.

Mex became more friendly and relaxed towards other people. Even the latest visits to the vet were less stressful for him as he was just more calm, which was great!

The first few videos are great for first time cat parents, the later ones are great for everybody. The information is presented in an easy super accessible way.


At first a few compliments! The video is a great tool for people that are not so experienced with cats. Especially the first few chapters are really helpful for new cat owners. The last chapters are very helpful for everybody owning a cat.

My experience with clicker training started slowly. First I’ll give a bit of insight on our cat. We have a very lazy, obese (called by the vet, we don’t think she is obese (yet)) and a bit traumatised cat. We got her as a kitten, and before she came living with us, she was found on the streets by someone who took her to the animal shelter. We got her right after she was old enough to leave the shelter (until that time she was taken care of by a cat mom and other little kittens). Our cat is now about 5 years old, and still not fully trusting the world. You can tell from her reaction to noise (we live in an apartment, so most of the noises we can’t help) or when we make a backward movement with one of our legs (I think she’s afraid we will kick her, but of course we haven’t done that in those 5 years). Apart from that she is extremely lazy. The reason for starting to train her is getting her in action and to make her feel better/comfortable.

We started the training as suggested by using treats and clicking. Unfortunately the treats were not seen as being worth it to do anything at all. I decided to buy better treats. First learning her to get comfortable with the clicker and the rewards worked fine. She is now following my finger, sits occasionally (but we’re still in the middle of that) and also learning her to jump on the chair.

So to summarise, I think the video training is really good! I think this video really helps cat owners to understand their cat. Our cat enjoys the attention she gets and she is playing already more now.